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Welcome to my website showing my plants!
You will find here photos of my carnivorous plants, brief description of growing plants and my growlist. Here are also my other photos, which I want to share with you. In section "About me" you will find some information about my life.
The love for flowers I have learned from my grandmother, who took care of a large garden. I enjoyed helping her with weeding, planting and cutting plants. When I was 8, I bought my first cactus Astrophytum ornatum. Gradually my collection started to escalate. In 2005 I was invited to a small carnivorous plants exhibition, where I bought my first carnivorous plant Sarracenia leucophylla. After some time of growing carnivorous plants I decided to buy some orchids.
I am trying to read a lot about plants. I have 2 books about carnivorous plants and I find a lot of information in TRIFID (Czech Carnivorous Plants Society Magazine)
Kateřina " Kendy " Braunová

Czech Republic


ICQ: 236-013-611